Available categories and attributes


All addresses are categorized
by the type of garage:

  • OES / dealer
  • TRUCK OES / DEAler
  • Tyre service
  • Body and paint workshop
  • auto glass workshop
  • Fast fit
  • auto center


All addresses are categorized by the type of contract with manufacturers or distributors.

  • Vehicle manufacturer network (e.g. BMW dealer)
  • Parts manufacturer network
     (e.g. Bosch car service, Euromaster/Michelin)
  • Garage chains
    (e.g. Norauto, Mekonomen, Midas)
  • Garage systems/concepts
    from distributors or
    trade and buying groups
    (e.g. 1a Autoservice, Garage AD Expert)


A single workshop dataset contains the following attributes:

  • name of the workshop
  • address (Street, postal code, city, country)
  • phone
  • Geo-coordinates
  • type of workshop
  • type of concept
  • e-mail (partly/no person-related)
  • website (if applicable)


Matching with CRM data

We offer data cleansing, matching and deduplicating services. No worries if you need to run a mailing with new customers only and want to avoid addressing existing ones.

Data enrichment

We help you focussing on the right customers by idetifying based on additional information. We enrich the existing data by desk-research and phone calls individually to your needs.

CRM quality check

Every CRM system contains a lot of hidden potential due to outdated customer information. We help you cleaning up the existing addresses and adding new potential ones.

Sales steering

We help you saving time of your sales men by pre-checking the garages potential and optimizing the daily routes. Experienced sales coaches can assist your salesmen to conquer new customers and train their sales conversation and communication skills.

All brands
of vehicle manufacturers

All types
 of service

All garage marketing systems

All garage networks

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